Creation Kids Ministry

Join our Children’s Church team as we dive into the Bible just like Mommy and Daddy! We strive to teach your kids biblical truths in age appropriate lessons that will keep them engaged and asking questions. At Creation Kids we are dedicated to partnering with parents to lead children to become fully devoted followers of Christ.  Through age-specific lessons and activities, your children, K-5th grade, learn biblical truths and real-life application.     


Due to our current situation concerning Covid-19, and in keeping with New York State health and safety guidelines we are changing the way children’s church will look and feel for the foreseeable future. Our first phase of reopening Creation Kids Ministry will look like this:

Before you get to church:
1. Please wear a mask throughout the entirety of the check in process.
2. Please register your children for Children’s Church Prior to Sunday.
3. Registering your children does not mean you as the parent are registered for the 11:00 Worship service.

Step 1: Checking-in
1. We ask that only one parent check in from each household.
2. As a parent you will enter the outside brown door and immediately exit to the sanctuary after check in.
3. Your children will have their temperature taken upon arrival.
4. You as the parent will need to fill out an information form upon arrival.

Step 2: Time to find your seats
1. Children will be guided back to their household exclusive bench (6ft apart marked by tape)
2. There will be individual activity boxes for each student upon arrival.
3. We will ask that each child stay within their taped-off space.

Step 3: Teaching
1. Instructor will be masked at all times until teaching time. They will then dawn a protective face shield and remove their mask in order to ensure all students can see their face (both online and in person).
2. When teaching time is complete the teacher will then dawn their mask again.

Step 4: Bathroom
1. Children will raise their hand and be escorted to the bathroom.
2. After the child is done and have washed their hands, the leader will escort them back to their seat.
3. The leader will then clean the bathroom before the next child.

Step 5: Time to leave
1. After worship service is complete please enter the door to the left of the platform, towards the children’s wing.
2. Your children will then be escorted to you.
3. Please then immediately leave out the brown doors.


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