The Art of Biblical Poetry

  1. What is your history with poetry? Do you read it often, sometimes, or never?
  2. Why do you think biblical authors will tell a narrative and then break out into poetry about the same narrative?
  3. What type of poems are biblical poems?
  4. Psalm 51: Describe the opening to this psalm according to the video.
  5. According to the video, why are biblical poems repetitive?

Metaphor in Biblical Poetry

  1. As a reminder from high school, what is a metaphor?
  2. What are some metaphors that you can think of in the Bible? (Waters=Chaos, enemies, etc)
  3. What is the significance of using metaphors in the Bible instead of just describing the idea?



  1. What is the Book of Psalms trying to convey throughout the whole text?
  2. How many “Sections” or “Parts” make up the book of Psalms?
  3. What are the sections in the books of Psalms?
  4. Who wrote most of the psalms?
  5. Who wrote the other Psalms?
  6. How should we read the book of Psalms?