1. What was the Prophet’s primary concern?
  2. What is God and man’s partnership called?
  3. What methods did the prophets use?
  4. What does the “Day of the Lord” mean? What did these days look like?
  5. Why were the Prophets so weird?
  6. Who are the “Big Three”?

The Law:

  1. What style are the laws written?
  2. Where can you find them?
  3. How can we think of the covenant between man and God? What then are the laws?
  4. What do the laws expose about humans?
  5. Describe “Holiness” in the context of the laws.
  6. Describe “Justice”. 
  7. How did Jesus fulfill the Law?


The Books of Solomon

  1. Who is Solomon? What are his three books?
  2. Where does the story of Wisdom begin and what were the two choices they had?
  3. What does HEVEL mean? What does the sun represent?
  4. What is the Song of Songs’ meaning?