How has the demonic strategy of twisting sexual desire varied through the ages? In what ways might the devils be twisting sexual desire for our time?  

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3 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Twenty

  1. Sexual desire, I think, is an easy thing to twist. Because it plays and both an emotional and physical state of a human, both male and female. Sexual desire is something God created to be enjoyed between a husband and wife in the context of marriage. In today’s environment you have so many different avenues available for someone to entertain any kind of sexual desire they wish. Sex is used not only reproduction but money and power.

  2. Screwtape is encouraging Wormwood to entice his patient with a woman who fits the worldly image. He doesn’t want a marriage to be centered on God but on things that won’t sustain. I don’t think much has changed, in fact, I believe it’s probably why many marriages fail. Many in society think it’s completely normal to “test” your significant other before you decide if they are compatible as a spouse. That mindset is false lies and not God’s desire for marriage or sex.

  3. The changing standard of what is considered beauty in our time is limited to a few very short years of life. It may sound old and cliche but the truth is real beauty always begins from within. When we come to this full understanding we realize beauty is not then based on something we have limited control over (external appearance) but rather true beauty is based on who we are.

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