What do you think is the current “fashionable” teaching about Jesus in our generation?

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4 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Twenty Three

  1. To corrupt our faith using worldly thing to tempt our flesh. There are more distractions now more than ever. Politics cause such a divide and social media has taken that to another level. Corruption is all around and God has been removed from so many things in our life. Faith today is hard. Especially because independence is strongly celebrated but that usually means dependence on self and not relying on God.

  2. That he is a historical figure who was a nice man but that’s about the extent of it. Corruption is everywhere and social media has heightened separation amongst us, especially around politics. Independence is strongly celebrated in todays world and that usually means dependence on ourself and not on God. It’s “cool” to be able to handle thing on your own.

  3. I think that there are many perceived ways to be “in good “with God, that it almost makes it seem that its something to cross off a list or just a badge that one can where whenever they feel like it.

  4. The fashionable teaching today at best is Jesus was a good teacher and a good man. The problem with that idea is this “good man” and “good teacher” also claims to be God. Good men don’t claim to be God, unstable narcissists do. Also, if you really believe that Jesus is a good teacher, than it is only logical to obey his teachings and yet how often someone that claims he is a good teacher not only doesn’t follow his teachings but does not know what his teachings are (this was my own self realization for I held both of these good teacher/good man beliefs for a long time).

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