The Screwtape Letters | Letter Twelve

Wormwood learns how to keep his patient from prayers through simply wasting time encouraging a slow but steady drifting from God. Looking at the past year, what has encouraged your spiritual growth? What has hindered your spiritual growth?  

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2 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Twelve

  1. The one thing that has both helped and hindered my spiritual growth is work. I have not been happy in my day job for some time now and have been actively searching for a new one. That has helped me place more in His hands because it is His plan not mine. But, it has also been frustrating because I feel that I am not adequate enough to go somewhere new. With the night job, it has also been both ways. The gentleman that cleans with me at one site was a pastor is Guyana and discussing things with him has been encouraging. But, it also places a time constraint on the time I have to be in His word.

  2. Encouraged- in a round about way, seeing just about all “stable” aspects of culture crumble, reaffirms the incredible unchanging wisdom and power of the Word of God.
    Hindered- Fatigue. These last 2.5 years have demanded more from people in just about every aspect of their life. A kind of fatigue has developed for many that sleep doesn’t solve, recreation doesn’t reignite and community does not ease. I have been calling it a “Soul Fatigue”. A fatigue in a person that only Christ can reinvigorate.

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