We seldom think of gluttony as sin today; however, the devils do. What’s the difference between the gluttony of Excess and the gluttony of Delicacy?

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3 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Seventeen

  1. I think that the gluttony of excess refers to the amount of food eaten. This is seen a lot of times in the portions that are given in restaurants, we are given way more than can be eaten in one sitting. The gluttony of delicacy refers to the way the food is prepared, served, even having a certain place that the item is gotten from can make an effect.

  2. Gluttony of excess refers to amount of food, whereas, Gluttony of Delicacy refers to preparation.

  3. We have access to more food in quantity and quality than any point in human history (my opinion). What that has done for some is it has given a “live to eat mentality” not an “eat to live” perspective. Yes, food is meant to be enjoyed- why else would God give us taste buds? Food is not meant to be worshipped.

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