How do the devils twist humility so as to destroy it?

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4 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Fourteen

  1. The devils twist humility by turning it towards the person. It can make us too proud of our accomplishments and keep the focus on ourselves. We can then become self centered and go down a unsatisfying road.

  2. They turn humility in a couple of ways….1. They turn humility into self praise for being humble and devils turn us away from loving others as ourselves.

  3. I am the best at being humble. 😉
    Humility can be twisted to a false humility, once again Screwtape gives us great insight into how to balance your life. If you can be as pleased with something great you accomplished if another person accomplished it as well, that is humility. Coming to the firm conclusion that all you have comes from God is the beginning of understanding humility.
    Some days I think I have it and other days I’m certain I do not!

  4. “….smuggle into his mind I’m being humble…make him proud of his attempt.” That keeps us focused on ourself when God wants us to rely and focus on Him. Pride is a powerful tool for the enemy because as this letter states, it’s easy to cross the line between humility and pride. He also uses humility incorrectly to deceive the patient, “…make the beautiful woman think she’s ugly…” We should look at everyone and everything created by God to be glorious and beautiful.

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