Screwtape makes the statement that “nearly all vices are rooted in the future.” What do you notice is problematic having a heavy focus on the future?

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4 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Fifteen

  1. Having a heavy focus on the future takes away our ability to see what chances we have in the present. The choices we make today will affect not only our future but those of family and friends and if our focus is not completely on the current time, we can make a poor decision.

  2. A heavy focus on the future can very disquieting and angst ridden if an individual thinks about all the things that can happen in the future. If one is a “glass half full” then he is hopeful of the future and is disappointed when things don’t work out. If he is a “glass half empty” then when he has something to be hopeful about he finds all the bad that can happen.

  3. Jesus asks why worry about tomorrow? And he tells us to store up treasures in heaven. That is living in the present with an investment in eternity. A lopsided focus on the future has us miss the present and since the future in unknown we can place all kinds of terrible ideas of what it may contain or fanciful ideas of what it may be. One more thing, the future is not promised to anyone. All we truly have is the present and eternity. There is much more to say here than a post can convey, only an entire book would suffice.

  4. Humans don’t have an understanding of time like God does and the enemy uses this disconnect to deter us by focusing on the future rather than eternity. Living in the moment is so hard for us nowadays. “The sin which is our contributions looked forward….The duty of planning tomorrows work is today’s duty.” God tells us not to worry about the future, Matthew 6:34

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