Question: According to Screwtape, the best way to keep a “patient” from praying is to cultivate a “devotional mood,” What is there about such a mood that Screwtape likes?

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6 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Four

  1. the “vaguely devotion mood means we still have not understood that prayer isn’t for us to petition God to satisfy our needs but to bring us closer to Him and in a deeper relationship with Him. When we pray specifically to have God meet our needs we open the door to disappointment if that is not Gods will for us. This creates an opening for satan to enter.

  2. Creating a “devotional mood” is only part of a bigger picture. If one thinks that just being in that mode is good enough, then they can be easily persuaded to go back to their former ways .

  3. What Screwtape likes is the devotional “mood” keeps us focused on ourselves.
    Screwtape gives us some insight into what can take a person to a deeper prayer life. He said “whatever their bodies do affect their souls”. An insight into how our physical position can move us out of a “devotional mood”.
    What may also hinder a person is an underlying fear of prayer. Screwtape states “this real nakedness of the soul in prayer”. The fear of being seen as you truly are by a holy God. To add to that fear is that God may actually speak as Screwtape puts it “There’s such a thing as getting more than they bargained for!”

  4. Keeping us focused on ourselves, our pride, and our ways further separates us from God. The enemy wants to keep us distracted so we don’t continue to build our relationship with him through prayer.

  5. To me a devotional mood is more of a dreamy,feel good state of mind that lacks any real communion with the heavenly Father. Geared more toward self it presents no real threat to Screwtape.

  6. If seem to me that the aim of tempters is to think we are truly praying when we are indeed only going through the motions of prayer. Screwtape likes this because it keeps us from true open dialog…listening to God and what he has for us.

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