Question: Screwtape says that Wormwood’s primary business is to “undermine faith and prevent the formation of virtue” What are some ways in which you see faith in our culture has been diabolically assaulted and the developement of virtue hindered?  

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7 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters | Letter Five

  1. There has been an ongoing effort in our society to “normalize” things that are against the principles of God and the church. It seems more obvious all the time that the real “enemy” is walking tall in our world and many people who have yet to formed values become easy prey. I also thought it was interesting in this chapter how they fear was because it can cause people to lean into God instead of driving them away.

  2. The emphasis that has been placed on the “ me first” attitude. I feel this places a great strain on a person’s ability to go in the direction of God and his teachings. You see it in just about every kind of advertisement. Self help books put the ball in the persons court and say that you have the power to do this and only you. We were not created to rely completely on our own accord, but left with a hole that only can be filled by Him who gives us strength

  3. In some ways we live in an exceptionally complicated time. For we now live in a world where right is deemed wrong and wrong is spoken of as right and good. To determine what is true and right now has only one source, Scripture. Before, we could determine right/good from wrong/evil because culturally there was an agreed upon standard rooted in a culture influenced heavily by Christianity. Today, virtue in our culture is a moving target. Scripture is the single source of what is and was truly good and that is God.

  4. The phrase of “going to Hell in a hand basket” has, in my opinion, never been truer than today. We are told to believe that anything that smacks of “Christianity of Holiness” is ridiculous in today’s world. Also we are seeing the undermining of the family. Everything is OK…if it feels good to it. Wrong…wrong…wrong!!

  5. Look no further than our school systems, our children are being fed Screwtapes lies in school condemning the Bible yet pushing sick agendas confusing their young impressionable minds. Heavenly Father guard our young children’s minds, place a hedge of protection around them
    In Jesus name I pray.

  6. The enemy rejoices in humans fighting war because it distracts them from faith. They’re doing what the enemy has come to do, kill and destroy. However, in some cases war makes us realize how much we need God.

  7. So we got ahead of ourselves and summarized the chapter. But our current culture has faith distractions in every way possible. Everything is built to distract you in our culture…from the food we eat, clothes we wear, tv we watch, etc.

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