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February 28th
An Unpopular Opinion In a Popular World
Daniel 1

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Ministry of the Month

Sarah Morey
Greeting Team

What ministry are you involved in? How did you get involved? 
I’m involved in the Greeting Team Ministry. Pastor Matt just asked Sean and I if we were interested, and it seemed fun to meet and get to know more people in the congregation.

2. Over the time you’ve been doing this ministry, how would you say you’ve seen God act as you serve others? 
I haven’t been doing it very long, but I see people’s faces light up as I greet them, which is very heart warming and just makes me feel that greeting people and making them feel welcomed and loved is a part of what we’re supposed to do as a church.

3. What does the word “Service” mean to you, specifically when it comes to the greeting team? 
“Service” to me means putting others first, just like Jesus put the entire world in front of himself when he died for us.

4. If you all of a sudden transformed into a fruit/ vegetable what would you want that fruit/vegetable to be? 
I would want to turn into lettuce because it’s delicious and it makes a great pun…so lettuce begin with church (hahahaha)

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