The Gospel:

  1. What are the four gospels?
  2. What does the word “gospel” mean?
  3. Give a brief history of the world.
  4. Why do the Gospel authors keep appealing to the Old Testament?
  5. Why are there four different Gospels?
  6. What do Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John Emphasize?
    • Matthew 
    • Luke 
    • Mark
    • John
  7. After Jesus is raised from the dead we are seeing the dawn of _______________________________________.



  1. What are “parables”?
  2. Why did Jesus use parables?
  3. What did the Parables broadly convey? (There is more than one answer)
  4. Why did Jesus coat his truth and message in Parables? Why not just say what he meant?
  5. List a few of Jesus’ parables that you know. What are their messages?